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  • Combined software competence: On 10 April 2017, LTW Intralogistics took over the Viennese software company, Metasyst Informatik, thereby enhancing its software competencies.

2015 - 2016

Alongside numerous projects for established customers, such as a major warehouse extension including conveyor technology and new order picking control for Windhager in Thalgau, we also successfully acquired notable new customers in Austria, Germany, Italy and Hungary – these included C. Bergmann, TILLY Holzindustrie, Stölzle Lausitz, Blue Tomato, Schweitzer Projects, WOLF PLASTICS, Pfanner Getränke as well as a further project within the beverage industry and wholesale drinks business.


Two METALAG projects were already successfully launched at the beginning of 2015:

  • KOTÁNYI, the internationally established spice supplier, now relies on the METALAG warehouse management software with an interface to INFOR/MOVEX M3 for production processes and warehouse management.
  • HC-ELECTRIC from Vienna has successfully augmented its existing ERP system eEvolution with the METALAG warehouse management software, thus substantially optimising its in-house logistics.




  • MAGNIFIN Magnesiaprodukte GmbH & Co KG is world market leader in the production and sales of high quality products, mainly magnesium hydroxide based fireproofing agents. Following a warehouse extension at their state-of-the-art site in Breitenau near Graz (A), the METALAG warehouse management system is now in operation there.
  • The METALAG warehouse control system goes live at Lercher Werkzeugbau (tool construction). The software comprises a warehouse management system complete with material flow calculator and 3D warehouse and facility visualisations.
  • The METALAG postal logistics control system (PLS) is implemented at BAWAG P.S.K. and used for the registration of post, incoming as well as outgoing goods at the dispatch departments, while also serving as an accounting and tracking tool, as well as an evaluation and information system for items of mail.
  • The METALAG warehouse management system has been optimizing the logistics processes at the Vossen warehouse in Jennersdorf (Burgenland) since early 2013 – the implementation was completed in record time.
  • During the summer of 2013 the METALAG warehouse management system was implemented at Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH in Traisen (Lower Austria). The software supports paperless, barcode supported logistics control.
  • At the warehouse of European Trans Energy GmbH an RFID-solution is being used in combination with METALAG and mobile terminals.
  • Klick&Pick: LIBRO’s new online shop relies on METALAG for controlling its logistics.
  • The new highly automated high-rise warehouse in Bamberger’s soya mill in Uttendorf (Lower Austria) goes into operation with METALAG warehouse management and material flow control.
  • Cooperation with TTE-Software: Metasyst takes over product distribution for tracing batches of explosives.
  • Cooperation with Advantech-DLoG in the vehicle-mount computers sector: new orders for fork lifts are being processed.
  • Quality assurance / ISO certification: once again Metasyst is successfully certified according to the ISO 9001 quality of standard.
  • Innovation: first ever implementation within METALAG – both Pick by Light and Put to Light applications are combined at Schrack Technik.




  • METALAG Retail is implemented at MTH-Retail-Group’s new logistics centre in Müllendorf, from where the branches of LIBRO, PAGRO and EPLUS are supplied.
  • METALAG goes into operation at Kärcher in the Czech Republic and at WOLF PLASTICS in Hungary in the respective local languages.
  • METALAG is used in Germany by PREFA, Nölle-Profibrush and Pfennigpfeiffer / MäcGeiz at several sites.
  • The BAWAG P.S.K. archive warehouse goes into operation with METALAG.
  • The new automated high rise warehouse for Privatbrauerei Egger and soft drinks producer Radlberger is controlled by METALAG.
  • Another beverage company, Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu in Stuttgart, goes into operation with the METALAG truck control system, including in-house locating and pick-by-voice.




  • Further international METALAG projects in Germany, Hungary and Lithuania are completed successfully.
  • Cooperation with Locanis and joint development of the METALAG forklift guidance system.
  • Several projects in the beverage industry for the Heineken and Egger/ Radlberger groups.
  • The Fplus product line is sold to Raiffeisen Technical Services.
  • Metasyst celebrates its 20-year jubilee.










  • July 2005: move to the site at 1160 Vienna, Thaliastraße 85.
  • The first METALAG projects with JAVA-interface are introduced at EN-LOG, Bombardier, Proserv, Haubenberger, PAA and Karasto.
  • METALAG MFC systems are used in Germany at Zanders and WIBERG.
  • Invent, the system for sampling inventory, is incorporated into Metasyst’s product portfolio.
  • The quality assurance system “ISO 9001” is introduced.
  • The Metasyst LR system at Schachermayer is linked to SAP.
  • Metasyst receives the Business Award Burgenland for the METALAG project at Kolarz in Müllendorf.




  • The WMS for Rewe subsidiary Merkur Direkt goes live. Further WMS projects for ISOVOLTA, HELLA and HOLZMANN follow suit.
  • Further logistics expansion stages at the heavy duty plant of Schachermayer in Linz are implemented within the project SCH2010.
  • The order picking warehouse of Raiffeisen Ware Austria uses the efficient METALAG SAP interconnection with mobile LXE terminals.




  • International WMS projects for Vogl & Noot in Hungary and Poland, as well as other projects in Germany, are successfully introduced.
  • The first METALAG MFC project is implemented at Hydro Aluminium Nenzing.
  • At home, renowned SAP clients such as Kärcher, Beiersdorf, Heidelberger, 3e and Kellner & Kunz are acquired.




  • METALAG is introduced to yet another pharmaceutical company: Bender/Boehringer Ingelheim Austria.
  • Cooperation with Klumpp Informatik in Stuttgart is initiated for the use of the certified SAP logistics interface.
  • The first WMS hook-ups to SAP go live for clients like Ericsson in Kindberg and Ericsson in Vienna.
  • The first Fplus project is carried out for max.mobil (later T-Mobile, Telering).









  • First international projects for Vogl & Noot in Germany and first foreign language projects for Cokoladovny / Nestlé / Danone in Prague and projects for pharmaceutical wholesalers such as Trogalen in Vienna.
  • The first mobile online terminals are introduced on the basis of LXE narrow band data transmission in WMS-projects for Reformwerke Wels and Teich.
  • May 1995: the entire shares of Metasyst are taken over by the Kaufmann and Laber families; Günther Laber is general manager alongside Karl Kaufmann, Felix Klementschitz resigns.
  • June 1995: move to the Festo-Haus, 1140 Vienna, Lützowgasse 14.




  • First warehouse management projects for clients in Austria including Nestlé Linz and Bauwelt Wagner, as well as Herlango and Foto Niedermeyer.
  • The mobile terminals are based on infrared transmission, i.e. not yet online, and are supplied by Prologistik and Hand Held Products.
  • After client projects based on single-position-systems, first interconnected systems followed; the data base system Oracle is used for the first time.
  • The project SCH2000 for Schachermayer in Linz was devised and went into operation in 1994 as the first Metasyst project with automatic system integration.
  • Subsequent projects for Murexin, Austrotherm and Wopfinger.
  • METALAG is established as the standard WMS product of Metasyst.


October 1990


Metasyst Informatik GmbH with its HQ at 1130 Vienna, Amalienstraße 68 is founded by the management of Medata GmbH (part of the Herba Apotheker AG-Gruppe).

Shareholders: Elsat GmbH and Elbatex GmbH, part of the Elbatex AG Switzerland.

General managers: Karl Kaufmann, Felix Klementschitz.

Signatories: Günther Laber, Robert Krickl.