METALAG Forklift Guidance System

METALAG Forklift Guidance System at Brau Union Österreich (Heineken Group)

The fundamental tasks of forklift guidance systems are the optimal control of ground conveyors and the optimized execution of all transport orders – from taking over the production to loading it on a truck or train. The driver receives his orders to his terminal via data radio or online communication.

The truck guidance system manages transport orders sorted by priority level. It works in a time and route optimized manner, enables double cycles, thus saving unnecessary empty miles.

We carry out projects with truck guidance systems with a competend partner in visualization, allowing you to profit from a hitch-free and integrated process.

Features and benefits:

  • 100% transparency of performance
  • 100% tracking of batches and expiry dates
  • Few loading errors
  • Increase of storage capacity / optimal use and measuring of existing capacity
  • Saving potential in fork lifts
  • Saving potential in order picking
  • Saving potential in warehouse inventory

Iventory tracking with our partner IdentPro and identplus