METALAG Material Flow Control (MFC)

METALAG Material Flow Control
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The flexibility of METALAG material flow control with 3D visualisation enables the secure and efficient integration of very complex processes into the operating procedure. The centrepiece of METALAG material flow control by Metasyst Informatik is transportation control.

Your benefits:

  • Transfer of transport contracts from the superordinated system
  • Optimization and coordination of transport contracts
  • Forwarding to the warehouse automation units
  • 3D visualisation

Video: automatic channel storage system (shuttle) at Lercher Werkzeugbau

For warehouse automation, a controller module takes over the control and allocation of orders to the subordinate control system.

The modul combines:

  • Pallet conveyance engineering (high rise racking storage)
  • Conveyance engineering for containers and trays (automated bin storage)
  • Racking cranes (high rise racking storage)
  • Racking cranes (automated bin storage)
  • Sorting system
  • Carousel storage
  • Shuttle
  • Identification-point / check-point
  • Dispatch lines
  • Labellers
  • and much more