METALAG Warehouse Management System (WMS) / Warehouse Control System (WCS)

METALAG Warehouse Management System
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METALAG WMS / WCS is a sophisticated, highly functional warehouse management system and warehouse control system that can be easily integrated into your existing computer environment. The modular solution permits individual adjustments to the client's needs.


METALAG WMS covers all requirements for the application of effective logistics processes and dynamic picking order control. It supports manually organized warehouses by using mobile terminals (Barcode, RFID, Voice) as well as semi- and full automatic warehouses. METALAG is established in Trade and Industry companies as well as in Distribution and Logistics centres of all different business sizes.

Features and benefits:


  • developed after ISO: 9001:2008, can be validated by GMP.
  • provides a thorough picture of every warehouse operation
  • a multi-lingual system that is successfully integrated in many warehouses throughout Europe.
  • supports the small firms just as well as the high speed enterprises.
  • provides transparency and creates dynamic, increases velocity of product flows and optimizes human resource allocation.
  • administrates and supports various picking technologies and warehousing types.