Mobile Terminals

The effectiveness of warehouses and distribution centers plays an increasingly important role in enterprises. Auto ID solutions provide real-time information for better forecasting, increase automation for product handling a faster customer service and return on investment. Metasyst warehouse projects contain the best product selections, supplies, installations and start-ups for hand and vehicle terminals in logistics.

Honeywell Ring Scanner 8650
© LXE/Honeywell

Pick by Voice

Fully integrated, technically developed voice control system, based on Pick by Voice technology. The advantages of voice-ready computers are a ring scanner, a mobile terminal with integrated radio data transmission and a headset (loudspeakers plus microphone) which are carried on the body.

Zebra Handheld Computer
© Zebra

Handheld Computers

Handheld terminals for operational data storage are evaluated by our experts and also selected and integrated with the customer’s operating and stock situations.

  • low temperature protection
  • viable RFID
  • lightweight mobile computers in reliable robust cover
  • long life and easy use guaranteed even under extreme conditions
  • and much more


Vehicle-mount Computer
© LXE/Honeywell

Vehicle-mount Computers

Robust, wireless and economic vehicle mount computers and terminals with a host of mounting options can also be used with mobile operational data storage.


Mobile Working Station
© Solcon

Mobile Working Station

Professional mobility for logistics and industry!
Always on the premises - from goods receipt and goods issue to production.