Metasyst Partnerships

General contractor and automated warehouses

For automated warehouse projects, we rely on LTW.


Warehousing and material handling equipment

HLF Heiss supports Metasyst in terms of the appropriate warehouse and material handling equipment.


Inventory tracking / forklift guidance

For inventory tracking within our forklift guidance system we collaborate with IdentPro / identplus: inventory tracking without scanning. Indoor and outdoor.



Motorola/Zebra, LXE/Honeywell, Advantech-DLoG and Solcon are hardware partners of Metasyst. Additionally, other notable products in radio data transmission and barcode systems are distributed in partnership with Metasyst.



Voxware, Vocollect and vo-CE® are Metasyst’s strategic partners when it comes to voice commands in optimized logistics processes.


Inventory sampling

For dealing with the important topic of inventory sampling, we have taken the product INVENT Xpert from the Aachen-based company Inform into the Metasyst portfolio and have already successfully installed it at numerous Metasyst clients’ sites.


Technical-mathematical Optimization

When it comes to the effective spatial utilization of storage space, we rely on our cooperation with Math. Tec.


Production optimization

For production optimization at production plants we collaborate with MES software specialists from Industrie Informatik Linz.



Metasyst maintains close ties with Dresden Informatik and TTE when it comes to tracking & tracing.


Shipping software partner

As our shipping software partner we collaborate with Heidler Strichcode GmbH.