Managing directors: Günther Laber (Metasyst), DI Konrad Eberle (LTW), Mag. Karl Kaufmann, MBA (Metasyst)
Managing directors: Günther Laber (Metasyst), DI Konrad Eberle (LTW), Mag. Karl Kaufmann, MBA (Metasyst)


Approved and international well-versed specialists merged in 1990 to Metasyst Informatik. Long-term experience, especially in pharmalogistics, and a versatile background in informatics form the company’s backbone. Flexibility, quality awareness and empathy in customized statements of the problem make  Metasyst a professional partner.

As a company of LTW Intralogistics, consistency and safeguarding the future are at the foreground of company policy – so for the partners of Metasyst this represents a long-term security of investment.


The Metasyst and LTW

Investment decisions in companies are usually long term decisions. The purchase of software for the companies, the clients of Metasyst, therefore can be regarded as a sustainable company decision. Experienced companies in a corporate group like Metasyst don’t have to focus on the company’s short-term success – which is an enormous advantage. Instead Metasyst focuses on long-term consistency: Thus the clients of Metasyst make a secure, long-term decision. This is a significant competitive advantage.

Ethics – in terms of respecting people and human dignity

This we apply to everybody – employees, clients, business partners. We do not tolerate any case of discrimination and stand up for the variety of our society. This variety includes everybody – regardless of origin, cultural background, nationality, race, gender, religion, qualification, handicap, age etc.

Fairness and trust in interpersonal contact

Only in an atmosphere of trust and fairplay is it possible to bring the different interests within our family business into a balanced proportion. We pay attention to fair treatment and creation of equal opportunities for everybody.

Openness and the disposition to conversation

Metasyst supports open conversation in every area of society. The company supports the “open doors” principle– which means that every employee can talk to the management about personal problems or disagreements. Openness is the principle of our business-communication.

Long-term partnerships and cooperation

Metasyst´s business policy is geared to long-term cooperation with clients, employees and distributors within the family business.


Due to permanent improvement of business processes, by constant quality-checking of supply and performance and a distinctive innovation-management the ongoing enhancement of the company is guaranteed.

Metasyst-solutions include development, delivery and optimization of logistics systems.


Pictures: (Wilke) & Ulrike Wieser