Statements from our customers on the METALAG warehouse management solution

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Logo HC-Electric

"Our goal was to achieve an error rate of less than one per mille regarding warehouse relevant errors - a goal which we managed to meet from the first day on."

Stefan Mayer (customer service leader at HC-ELECTRIC)


“Even after just a few days the system has significantly facilitated our day to day work and has already saved us a considerable amount of commissioning time.

"Our search times have already been reduced to 0!”

Birgit Vincetić (project leader at HC-ELECTRIC)

Lercher Logo

“The intelligent METALAG storage control system with its integrated material flow calculator by Metasyst produces a 3D visualisation of the complete warehouse on a monitoring screen –significantly simplifying processes for our employees. The storage host computer identifies the most suitable storage location, storage area and the optimal placement strategy, handling the various problems posed by different types of pallets, channel depths, weights and dimensions. This ensures optimal storage density at all times.”


Mag. Sandra Ender-Lercher (MD Lercher Werkzeugbau)


“Here the highest quality is crucial: when fire proofing cable insulation, the required degree of purity is 99,9%. To also satisfy our high quality requirements in warehouse management, we chose METALAG.“

“At the end of the year, furthermore, orders decrease due to customers’ stocktaking. This makes itself felt at the beginning of the following year by disproportionate additional orders. This is why, alongside a central process control system, an effective warehouse management system is paramount.”

“It used to be customary to take stock once a week. Of course this is no longer appropriate in this day and age. Now we have an exact overview of the products in stock and those, which need to be produced at any given time.”

“With such a substantial change one is cautious at first. Had we known that everything would run so smoothly, we would have included the system into the plans for our entire warehousing right from the start."

 Dr. Kienesberger (MD at MAGNIFIN)


“The Metasyst team directly communicated with our ERP provider, hugely facilitating work processes. And the final interface test provided us with the certainty that both systems were working together perfectly.”

“With Metasyst we always had a contact person, the project progression was well structured and the on-site support hugely simplified the procedure.”

DI (FH) Plott (project leader at MAGNIFIN)

BAWAG P.S.K. logo

“With Metasyst we have found a software partner with a lot of experience and expertise in transparent and accountable postal processes. Metasyst was able to realise our ideas for efficient postal processing, just like they did with the archive management issue.”

Wolfgang Liegler (manager of the logistics department at BAWAG P.S.K.)

Egger Radlberter logo

”This project allowed us to double our storage capacities, optimally preparing our company to grow further, as is our aim. Together with the brewery Egger we are using synergies and have developed an efficient storage solution, opening up new potential for both companies.”

Manfred Speiser (MD at Radlberger)

Georg Fischer logo

“We visited several different Metasyst-Customers, informing ourselves about their solutions, but also about project progression. The feedback given to us by METALAG customers was very positive. The project team’s decision for Metasyst was then unanimous.”

Ing. Christian Steiner (head of IT at Georg Fischer Traisen)


“Add to this the fact that plumbing businesses – the customers of our customers –usually have limited stores and order very spontaneously, often with great urgency, e.g. in the case of plumbing emergencies. This urgency is passed on to us through the entire supply chain. We wanted to employ a professional WMS provider that best suited our needs.”

Ing. Peter Maiwald (MD of Georg Fischer Traisen)


The cooperation with the Metasyst project team was very agreeable, uncomplicated and extremely goal oriented. It was always apparent that the Metasyst employees came equipped with years of experience.”

Ing. Martin Schober (project manager for the implementation of METALAG at Georg Fischer)

MTH logo

”Our new logistics centre enables us to keep one significant step ahead in a very competitive European market. This is one of the crucial strategic steps with which we ensure the sustainable growth of the MTH Retail Group, which not only includes the Austrian companies LIBRO, PAGRO and EPLUS, but also the two German enterprises MÄC GEIZ and PFENNIGPFEIFFER.”

”Our new warehouse is a state-of-the-art project. The automated high rise racking store offers about 17.000 pallet slots at a height of approx. 26 metres and the cutting-edge, high-efficiency sorting system can dispatch 20.000 items per hour. We would like to thank all project partners and the relevant political representatives, whose commitment was crucial for the project to be completed in time and in budget.”

Dr. Martin Waldhäusl (MTH-CEO)

Windhager Logo

"The whole package offered by Metasyst was just right, especially the cost-benefit ratio and the very pleasing amortisation rate."

Harald Bukovics, MBA (CEO at Windhager)

Starlinger Logo

”INVENT was implemented and our employees trained to use it within half a day – using INVENT is very simple. The user manual provides a good step-by-step guide that is easy to work with. We only needed support for the initial installation.”

DI Georg Bitzinger (Production manager/executive assistant at Starlinger)

MK Illumination logo

”Thanks to the up-to-date warehousing and logistics, our customers in Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia can receive orders within 24 hours. All other European markets are reached within 48 hours. The logistics are a core process of our business.”

Klaus Mark (Founder and CEO at MK Illumination)

Kolarz Logo

”Due to previous experience with Metasyst, the decision to manage the new warehouse with METALAG was an easy one. During the course of the project we were impeccably cared for and the Metasyst team was always quick to react flexibly to new or changed needs and ideas.”

Ing. Mag. Markus Brenner (Logistics manager at Kolarz)

LZS Logo

"The amortisation costs and knowing we could adapt the system to new needs and requirements flexibly and at any given time were crucial in our decision."

Gerfried Greylinger (CEO at LZS)

Radlberger logo

”We chose Metasyst because of this software company’s pragmatic approach. Their solution-oriented style was exemplary and the geographical proximity an advantage.”

Manfred Speiser (MD at Radlberger)

”From an IT perspective, the fact that it was easy to couple to our ERP system and the simple implementation were crucial. We also saw a great advantage in the availability of LXE’s hardware.”

Harald Einsiedl (IT-manager at Radlberger)

Kärcher Logo

”In economically strained times it is especially important to use all possibilities logistics has to offer.”

Mag. Hans Szivatz (general manager of Kärcher)