Metalag WMS at HC-Electric

To better fulfil customer requirements and to ensure the high availability of items even faster and more accurately, HC-ELECTRIC has introduced a warehouse management system.

The WMS went live on 05 January 2015. The HC-ELECTRIC project team lead by Ms Vincetic and Mr. Mayer punctually installed, fully tested and successfully implemented the METALAG WMS, under the supervision of Mr. Laber from Metasyst. From an enterprise resource planning perspective, the project was also excellently supported by the company SOPRA with eEvolution at the numerous, but necessary interfaces with METALAG. Following a thorough training course, the first orders were assembled, packed and dispatched via the new computerised system on 07 January 2015. Three control stands scan all incoming goods, which are then space-savingly stored and combined with the already existent stock. The outgoing orders are put together in such a way as to keep the travelled distances at a minimum.

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