MAGNIFIN is „on fire“ with enthusiasm for the METALAG warehouse management software

Warehouse MAGNIFIN

MAGNIFIN Magnesiaprodukte GmbH & Co KG is a global market leader when it comes to producing and distributing high-end products, mainly fireproofing agents on a magnesium hydroxide basis. Now the warehouse management system of Metasyst Informatik has been implemented at their state-of-the-art plant in Breitenau near Graz (A). Dr. Kienesberger (MD at MAGNIFIN): “Had we known that everything would run so smoothly, we would have included the system in the plans for our entire warehousing right from the start.”


Directives: 99,9% purity with uninterrupted traceability

MAGNIFIN Dr. KienesbergerIn an idyllic valley setting, alongside a little brook, the mighty factory site of MAGNIFIN towers over its surroundings. The location was chosen due to the presence of a required resource: serpentine. This is mined and processed at a nearby quarry and further processed into magnesium derivates at the plant in Breitenau. Magnesium hydroxide, for instance, is used as a mineral fireproofing agent, which is implemented, amongst other things, as a plastics additive in cable sheathing. Dr. Kienesberger (MD at MAGNIFIN): “Here the highest quality is crucial: when fire proofing cable insulation, the required degree of purity is 99,9%. To also satisfy our high quality requirements in warehouse management, we chose METALAG.“ These regulations are absolutely justified: “electric energy” (along with “lightning strokes” and “naked flames and light”) is among the most frequent causes of fire in Austria, the triggers often being old or poorly insulated cables.

Smooth integration and implementation

Just a few weeks previously, MAGNIFIN had implemented a new ERP system. The initial scepticism about seamlessly integrating the interface soon disappeared. DI (FH) Plott (project leader at MAGNIFIN): “The Metasyst team directly communicated with our ERP provider, hugely facilitating work processes. And the final interface test provided us with the certainty that both systems were working together perfectly.” Dr. Kienesberger: “With such a substantial change one is cautious at first. Had we known that everything would run so smoothly, we would have included the system into the plans for our entire warehousing right from the start." Following a successful test phase, the software is now also going into operation at the other warehouses.

Flexibility despite 320.000 sacks and 14.000 big bags per year

The plant of MAGNIFIN has four filling plants and three different storage areas. With about 14.000 big bags and 320.000 sacks passing through the warehouse each year, the processes need to be highly automated. This calculation does not include the amounts transported to the surrounding countries using silos. MAGNIFIN has an export rate of 96% – overseas warehouses in the USA, China, Japan, Korea, etc. need to be managed. This requires flexibility, as do the just-in-time deliveries to customers. Dr. Kienesberger: “At the end of the year, furthermore, orders decrease due to customers’ stocktaking. This makes itself felt at the beginning of the following year by disproportionate additional orders. This is why, alongside a central process control system, an effective warehouse management system is paramount.”

Simplifying stocktaking, increasing capacities by 150 per cent

Dr. Kienesberger: “It used to be customary to take stock once a week. Of course this is no longer appropriate in this day and age. Now we have an exact overview of the products in stock and those, which need to be produced at any given time." Additionally, the warehouse capacity was increased by 150% by investing in a mobile shelving system. Not only the advantages following the WMS implementation, but also the service during the implementation process is positively branded in our memories.” DI (FH) Plott: “With Metasyst we always had a contact person, the project progression was well structured and the on-site support hugely simplified the procedure.”


Further information about the METALAG Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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